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Deep Time - Max Corbacho


With the album “Deep Time”, Spanish sound designer and musician Max Corbacho invites us to travel far back in time with a textural work, made up of an assortment of “primal sounds next to an almost palpable sense of the first formings of Order from the chaotic soup of antiquity”. Those looking for expansive, harmonic and richly layered soundscape tapestries won’t find it here, although the gradual sound progression has been preserved. The three long pieces on this disc feature lengthy and spacious dronescapes travelling the edge of time with a high sense of mystery, alienation and wonder. The primordial quark soup also incorporates various acoustic soundsources next to occasional shamanic flavours. The culmination of elements doesn’t make the imaginary and at times even nocturnal outcome on “Deep Time” an easy work of organic but still quality deep-ambient music.


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