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Lost Links - Max Corbacho - Ambient Music

A deeper trek into the grand vastness of eternity!
by eTripper

"Lost Links" continues where "BreathStream" left off. It's another grand inquiry into the great beyond. Where ambient-master Max Corbacho conducts you along on waves synthesized bliss, into realms only hereto speculated about. His newest offering delivers on all fronts, perhaps even topping "BreathStream". Which not an easy feat, since it's an unabashed 'masterpiece' of ambient spaciness itself. The cuts on this CD mesh effortlessly into each other, and reinforce the theme of universal truth and timelessness. 'Sky Resonance' creates an atmosphere of awestruck wonder, in regard to our mysterious pre-occupation with the distant stars. The dreaminess of 'Mandala' must indeed represent the motion of infinite galaxies turning slowly in the cosmos; a theme, that Mr. Corbacho artistically excels at. The album shimmers along with 'After Dream' which is simply beautiful. The final track 'Slow Thunder' probably recalls the background echo of the 'Big Bang' itself. The album cover seems to depict a flat dimensional plane with an abundance of coexisting universes, or whatever your mind might imagine it is. Corbacho has proved his mettle in the ambient/space music arena, and can proudly stand with Jonn Serrie, Meg Bowles, Thom Brennan, Dan Pound, and Rudy Adrian. Highly Recommended.


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