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Breathtaking ambient

by Chris Detjen

Steve Roach's early deep ambient works were some of the first ambient releases I ever purchased. I never heard any other artists who had a sound that captured the wonders of Steve Roach's atmospheric albums. But when I heard the recent works of Max Corbacho I was impressed. I was lucky to hear one of his songs on the Drone Zone iTunes radio channel. After hearing one song from Max's earlier work, "Nocturnal Emanations," I knew this artist had something special. The quality of ambient music from Max, in just his first few albums, rivals that of Steve Roach's finest works. Incredibly deep. Gentle washes of sounds. Subtle changes in layered sounds. The music will really capture your mind. Recommended for any fan of the ambient genre. I also highly recommend "The Talsiman" and "Nocturnal Emanations" from Max Corbacho for more deep musical atmospheres.


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