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 Channeling the future, October 4, 2009

Max Corbacho is the best music find for me in 2009. Max, from Spain, has hit a strong vein of ambient, even spiritual, music that is spacey yet transformative. This CD, Breathstream, is a goldmine, a near masterpiece. I like it very much and consider it slightly better than his very good 'The Resonant Memory of Earth'.

This work is a 'near' masterpiece because the 2nd track 'Act of Light' is a little too dark and rambly. Contrast this to the 6th track 'Temple of Dissolution' which is one of the most powerful pieces of sound work I have ever heard. These tracks are especially great for meditation or creative tasks including cloud or surf watching .

If you are into Steve Roach, Robert Rich, Vidna Obmana, or similar, then you will find this work very suprising and gratifying.


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