ARS LUCIS – review by Richard Gürtler

Ars Lucis

I always wanted to write few lines on this masterwork, so now it’s finally the right time. But first of all, I must say this is not the newest work of Max Corbacho, in Barcelona based composer. Max has released at the end of December 2010, «Deep Time» download only album, but since I am a die-hard fan of physical CDs, I would rather focus on this CD album. Before you enter the sonic worlds of Max Corbacho, you are confronted with cover artwork of the medieval rose window of the graceful Cathedral Basilica of Saint Denis. And what about the music? «Ars Lucis» is the most serene and peaceful work Max Corbacho has ever done. Listening to opener, «Light-Matrix Portal», is like standing in the choir of this cathedral and exploring all the architectural monumentality, gracefulness and magnificence. The music is very minimal in its structure, sounding really quiet and slow-motion floating, but its effect is enormous, just like the cathedral, it’s monumental, graceful and magnicifent. «Light-Matrix Portal» is undoubtedly one of the most tranquil, immense and impact compositions I have ever heard in ambient music!!! This lyrical beauty and spaciousness weaves through the whole album, even if divided in 7 pieces, the overall feel is like one long-form continous composition. All based on floating meditative soundwalls, ocassionally enriched by some swirling, emerging and fading-out sounds. But always appearing in very elegant and fragile texture. «Narthex», «Pillar Ascension», «Transept Sapphire Glass» or «Choir Ecstasy» can’t be better examples, but I could easily mention here also last two remaining pieces. «Ars Lucis» is mysteriously beautiful, amorphous and captivating composition presenting Max Corbacho in the deepest and finest end of the pure atmospheric soundscape genre. Bravó Maestro!!!

Richard Gürtler (Bratislava, Slovakia)


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