• Lost Links II – The Complete Collection
    Lost Links II – The Complete Collection by Max Corbacho Lost Links II – The Complete Collection presents us with a series of tracks that help us interpret the evolution of Max Corbacho as an electronic artist. Evocative and ethereal forms merge into ghostly drones and colorful chords linking each track with successive albums, tracing … Read more
  • Nocturnes III
    Nocturnes III by Max Corbacho Nocturnes III closes the trilogy started in 2017 by Max Corbacho, continuing in this new installment the exploration of stillness and primordial, organic themes, through the mystical connection with his synthesizers. Through that physical, intimate, organic and tactile interaction with his fully hardware instruments Max can more deeply convey his … Read more
  • The Unfolding Dawn
    The Unfolding Dawn by Max Corbacho The Unfolding Dawn. A new long-form album, created by Max Corbacho during the first days of confinement due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Faced with the confusion that has plagued the world these days, a real urge to go inward, to the depths, has filled the hours in Max’s studio … Read more
  • Dreaming Spaces
    Dreaming Spaces by Max Corbacho Dear friends,Thank you for the incredible reception of this album. Due to numerous requests and that excellent response from all of you, the CD version is now available in my Bandcamp store. Dedicated to all physical format enthusiasts (just like me). I hope you enjoy the album, and remember that … Read more
  • Echo Of Longing
    Echo Of Longing by Max Corbacho Hypnotic and minimalist soundscapes of an artist in constant search for authenticity and depth. In “Echo Of Longing” Max Corbacho offers three long pieces that are a distant resonance of a feeling that lives inside the human heart and constantly pushes the soul in its search for self-discovery. Through … Read more
  • Ars Lucis 10th anniversary edition
    Ars Lucis by Max Corbacho Ars Lucis is often referred to as one of Max Corbacho’s finest albums and a true classic of ambient music. During these 10 years since its release, it has not stopped attracting more and more listeners. Often this music has been described as being in a galactic cathedral, majestic, atmospheric, … Read more
  • Horizon Matrix
    Horizon Matrix by Max Corbacho As suggested by Plato, the father of philosophy, time is «a moving image of eternity.» In Horizon Matrix, Max Corbacho skillfully creates a revealing and expansive atmospheric flow, in which the deep nature of temporality is the guiding thread. Such a sound landscape—slow and dreamlike—paints a graceful image where listener … Read more
  • Nocturnes II
    Nocturnes II by Max Corbacho In Nocturnes II, Max Corbacho crafts a new chapter in his series, enticing the listener to dive deeply into more than 70 minutes of atmospheric soundscaping. Expansive and meditative, these seven exclusive, new sound meditations burn slowly, like the light of a distant star, illuminating a breathing, ghostly landscape. The … Read more
  • Arte Magnetica
    Arte Magnetica by Max Corbacho Dear friends,During these last months, the activity in the studio has been intense, with the completion of the details for the next album «Source Of Present» scheduled for September or first weeks of October and the creation of this six pieces album. This current edition is only available for now … Read more
  • Nocturnes
    Nocturnes by Max Corbacho Night, that period of magic time in which shadows blur shapes, colors and along with silence and stillness induces a state of special perception, creating a new universe. Nocturnes is the first chapter of a trilogy where Max Corbacho vanish edges and shapes of sound to introduce the listener to a … Read more
  • Source Of Present
    Source Of Present by Max Corbacho Max Corbacho has been crafting electronic soundscapes for almost two decades and has progressively refined his space ambient style since his debut, Vestiges, appeared in 1998. Experimenting and forcing the limits of looping, reverb, Fx processing, and sequencing, Corbacho strengthens the oceanic character of his albums and intensifies its … Read more
  • Splendid Labyrinths
    Splendid Labyrinths by Max Corbacho Dear friends and listeners,Following the release of Future Terrain last month, it is the time of the album in which I have worked over the last year and the first months of 2015. I continued my work in the pursuit of purely atmospheric expression, in an attempt to convey this … Read more
  • Future Terrain
    Future Terrain by Max Corbacho Created during the last weeks in March 2015 and released first as a «digital only» edition, Future Terrain is now presented in its original extended version of 73 minutes in a deluxe CD Digipack edition, remastered by Ian Hawgood and released by the label GSP. The new extended and remastered … Read more
  • Cosmic Traveler
    Released exclusively by the American label Hemi-Sync®, Cosmic Traveler is a new, enhanced version of Max Corbacho’s 2003 year classic «The Resonant Memory of Earth» (Listen to the original version here:maxcorbacho.bandcamp.com/album/the-resonant-memory-of-earth ). Hemi-Sync® is a patented, scientifically and clinically proven audio-guidance technology refined with 50 years of research. Original music is mixed with complex, multilayered audio … Read more
  • The Ocean Inside
    The Ocean Inside by Max Corbacho Max Corbacho returns with a new work, this time as a double album, which again immerse ourselves into touching atmospheric ambient realms of pure beauty. The Ocean Inside is a paradise of lush, cascading long chords, as oceanic waves, back and forth, in an eternal flow of shifting tones … Read more
  • Lost Links
    Lost Links by Max Corbacho Deleted, unreleased and forgotten tracks. Max Corbacho presents a collection of previously unreleased tracks under the label Relaxed Machinery. Some of these pieces belong to the era prior to The Talisman, as in the case of Slow Thunder, Sky Resonance, Trance Earthflow, Third Exposure and Mandala. Trance Earthflow was specially … Read more
  • Deep Time
    Deep Time by Max Corbacho Three long pieces, each blending seamlessly into the next, make up this deep ambient work of almost 74 minutes. Fans of Max’s recent works will find «Deep Time» a radical departure from what they have come to expect. Gone are the sweeping chords and seductive melodies; the slow progression of … Read more
  • Ars Lucis
    Ars Lucis by Max Corbacho Light and harmony could set this purely atmospheric new work by Max Corbacho. Not the blinding light from outside but light filtered through high windows of colored glass, broken and transformed into multi-colored gems, transferring that which is material to That which is immaterial. Like a weightless dream, the main … Read more
  • BreathStream
    BreathStream by Max Corbacho «BreathStream» is a new series of seven atmospheric spaces built, as in the previous and highly acclaimed «The Talisman», with synthetic textures and floating harmonies. Since the resplendent chords of «This Luminous Space» the contemplative nature of this work is evident, conforming a smooth journey through deep interior spaces, as if … Read more
  • The Talisman
    The Talisman by Max Corbacho The Talisman is the 7th ambient atmospheric space CD from Max Corbacho.Eleven compositions created between 2004 and 2006, based on new, on the edge, harmonic and textural explorations. Intense, light, dark and purely atmospheric, most of these songs were composed during various, long, deep meditative improvisation sessions. » In the … Read more
  • Moontribe
    Moontribe by Max Corbacho A collection of previously not published tracks, destined to collaboration projects that finally did not see the light, plus two totally new pieces. Moontribe creates an immersive space, where spectral colourzones meet floating tribal-esque pulsing groovescapes. The four first tracks correspond to stage 2000-2001, the tribal character emerges forcefully in «Suntribe», … Read more
  • Indalo
    Indalo by Max Corbacho «Indalo, named after the old and mysterious Andalusian symbol that can still be seen in Spain nowadays, is a record taken from an old collaboration with my friend and composer Bruno Sanfilippo. Released in 2003 as a CD format, for several years this work has been unavailable in any format, both … Read more
  • Nocturnal Emanations
    Nocturnal Emanations by Max Corbacho 73+ min long form work that slowly drift along transparent synthwashes, developing through silent landscapes in his formation, almost hostile, sometimes underground, always stony, ancient. This album conjures up an amazing world that we feel remotely past, like a forgotten sanctuary, approaching the sonorous aridity to human senses. «Corbacho has … Read more
  • The Resonant Memory of Earth
    The Resonant Memory of Earth by Max Corbacho Originally released in 2002 year on the USA based Space For Music label, and after being critically acclaimed, this release is again for sale on CD, now in a 24 bit remastered edition. «The resonant Memory of Earth», is a slow landscape of organic, waving, and mysterious … Read more
  • Far Beyond the Immobile Point
    Far Beyond the Immobile Point by Max Corbacho Max Corbacho’s 2000 release, «Far Beyond the Immobile Point», remastered for 2011. «Far Beyond the Immobile Point», Max Corbacho’s second full length release, has been fully remastered from the original 1999 recordings. The original 2000 release required gaps between each track, pulling the listener out of the … Read more
  • Vestiges
    Vestiges by Max Corbacho «Max Corbacho’s Vestiges has often been compared to Steve Roach’s Western Spaces and Desert Solitaire. While such comparisons have some validity, they distract listeners from hearing Corbacho’s nuances and subtleties. The CD is definitely in the style of Roach’s desert ambience, but Corbacho puts his own twists and turns on the … Read more

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