ARS LUCIS – review by mpjd

Ars Lucis

As stated on Max’s official website, «frozen architecture music» suits this album perfectly. At first, I thought the album sounded very one-note. After many listens, this is certainly not the case. The listener has to focus in on all of the tiny elements that Max uses in his musical palette in order to gain a true appreciation for the album. This album is for listeners who love deep, meditative ambient music.

1.) Light-Matrix Portal (5/5) – Sets the theme of the album. The overall sound of the song is very light on the ears and sounds like light being filtered through glass. I particularly enjoy the sound of the choir that occasionally increases in volume thus increasing the atmosphere of the song.

2.) Narthex (5/5) – This song kind of reminds me of the sound that plays when Playstation 2 starts up. The elements in the background heighten and the song glistens throughout.

3.) Pillar Ascension (5/5) – Some of the progressions on this song remind me of «Three Circles» off Max’s album The Talisman. Quite relaxing, feels as though you are being lifted off the ground!

4.) Transept Sapphire Glass (4/5) – The voices make another entrance and grace the song with some longform chords. I feel that the song could’ve been developed just a little bit more (primarily the «movement» aspect of the song, as it just kind of meanders).

5.) Choir Ecstasy (4.5/5) – This song reminds me of Halo 2! As one would guess, the choir pad is the prominent element in the song. The song to me is just kind of there, but is a bit more developed than Transept Sapphire Glass.

6.) Keystone Meditation (5/5) – One of the highlights of the album. All elements that include low end «filtered brown-noise» drone in the background, choir pads and the semi-quiet disjointed bell-like arpeggios of the song blend together perfectly.

7.) Mirabilis Structura (5/5) – The album comes full circle! Simply a great way to end an album.

OVERALL: 33.5/35 = 96% A

I’m not that great at writing reviews but I just felt compelled to get his name out (at least a little bit). Max is an incredible musician. Support him and buy the album!

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