BREATHSTREAM / Bert Strolenberg

Bert Strolenberg,

«BreathStream» is the first of a series of releases made available as digital download only. The sonic content is described by the Max Corbacho as «seven atmospheric spaces built out of synthetic textures and floating harmonies” which also graced the previous album «The Talisman». This 73-minute work indeed is a great outing in expansive spacious realms, both contemplative as smooth, gently wandering through long form spheres and infinite otherworldly spaces. The continuous flow of quiet soundscapes sparkles from time to time, as it takes another turn before drifting into another outreach of space vistas. All in all, “BreathStream” offers carefully moulded and layered dreamspheres that can compete with those of ”The Talisman”.Highly recommended for fans who love the floating tapestries of Thom Brennan, Steve Roach and alike.The album is available from MusicZeit, iTunes, Amazon, Rapsody and Napster.

Bert Strolenberg

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