Deep Time - Max Corbacho


This release from 2011 offers 74 minutes of sparkling ambience.

Three tracks comprise this release, and they are long, really long, allowing the songs to gradually evolve and excellently establish a mood of cosmic infinity.

Atmospheric tones dominate the first piece, creating a panorama of limitless scope that suits the tenuous music’s sparse definition. Scattered throughout this void are fragile electronics that twinkle like remote stars, tantalizing the flow with their cosmic expressions. Deeper tones slowly enter the mix, establishing a foundation that is elusive and not really a foundation at all, but simply another stage in the constant accretion of sounds that muster to coalesce into these ambient soundscapes. The twinkling diodes persist in resurging, each time bringing with them another taste of infinity. The flow remains harmonic, never achieving any discernible melody, but the structure is rich with vaporous potency. Spoken voice wanders into the mix, whispered at the edge of forever and heralding the advent of a universe to come.

The second track possesses a darker temperament to its minimal definition. The notes strive to inject more density into the gaseous stream, an impending mass that is seasoned by the persistence of those twinkling electronics. As the track progresses, the sparkling embellishments grow more expressive, producing a zone of transition that illuminates the inner mind with their portentous glitter. After a period of recession, the flow reestablishes itself with renewed vigor, smoldering with chilly resonance.

The last track continues in the same vein: peppering remote texturals with twinkling electronics which serve to banish the dark and provide understated effulgence whose distant origins only increase their appeal. The twinkling rise and ebbs, teasing the listener’s psyche with this wandering definition.

Taken as a whole, this album is a wonderful journey deep into realms where substance has no meaning. The compositions urge the listener to cast off their mortal trappings and immerse themselves in an environment devoid of distractions, while the twinkling continues to provide a lifeline that also serves to tickle the psyche into introspection and serenity.


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