Deep Time

Three long pieces, each blending seamlessly into the next, make up this deep ambient work of almost 74 minutes. Fans of Max’s recent works will find «Deep Time» a radical departure from what they have come to expect. Gone are the sweeping chords and seductive melodies; the slow progression of phrase intermingled with synthesizer washes and choral voices. These elements make no appearance on this latest release. In their place, the listener finds more primal sounds and an almost palpable sense of the first formings of Order from the chaotic soup of antiquity. Low, guttural drones and detuned glissandos guide you on a journey into the deepest reaches of our planet’s history, to a place perhaps still viscerally remembered in our innermost core.

“Deep Time” is another brilliant sonic painting created by an artist with an exquisite attention to detail. With this new release, Max has turned his eye to the far distant past – to a time when the Earth was still new, long before the arrival of Man. It is a place completely alien to us, yet also one that we connect to at the basest levels of our consciousness.

Genre: Ambient music, space music, atmospheric ambient, drone, soundscapes.
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