Echo of Longing – review by Tim Humphrey

Echo Of Longing - Max Corbacho

Spanish producer Max Corbacho has been creating atmospheric ambient music for over 20 years now and his newest ‘Echo and Longing’, just might be his most out of this world creation yet.

The title song welcomes you to the beginning of an unknown and other-worldly vast space. A cavernous space that is as majestic as it is mysterious. Like the title of the song and album it has long droning tones developing effortlessly in heavy echo. Eerie, awe-inspiring and almost too powerful to describe, this track is a language almost as if the universe’s secrets are being revealed to man. Expansive is an understatement. One of the most moving audio examples of creating an enviorment I have heard and the last few minutes are breathtaking. ‘Embryo of Drones’ continues the wonderment thru this new world with a bit more crystalized and faster moving tones. Ever-evolving and with a more complex language this track makes a nice spatial bridge to the finally. ‘The Noble Beyond’ makes the odyssey all worthwhile as you enter its paradise. Dynamic and immersive it allows you to wander around its garden of sounds that surround you without fear. You are rewarded in a beautiful and an angelic manner as the song moves thru to more found peacefulness as it slowly fades.

A well paced, bridged and complete release, Max Corbacho continues to create landscapes and journeys worth revisiting again and again. Max is one of the best at this craft.

Genre: Ambient music, space music, atmospheric ambient, drone, soundscapes.

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