Equinox – review by Julian Boyce

Equinox, the latest journey into pure audio-emotion from Max Corbacho, the revered electronic soundscape artist from Spain. Max has a history of sublime, expansive music, experienced as though the listener is walking through a cathedral of light. In fact, his big open-space, sound textures are a trademark; music synonymous with stepping between the pillars of the Cathedral de Barcelona, feeling the sunlight from the stained-glass windows, moving through moments of tranquility and reflection at one moment. Of diaphanous energy at another. An equinox of equal discoveries: stillness and activity!
Equinox is his latest release, and the perfect example of Max Corbacho at his most powerful. I like to describe his music in terms of colours and landscapes. The longform piece, 1hr 14 minutes in total, begins with gentle tendrils of sound, like ripples across a lake, insinuating their ways into your headspace. Building in momentum and complexity over 30 minutes as current of sound takes hold of the listener. Soft streams of tenuous emotion build up, some stronger than others and and pushing to the front of the sound experience. The ripples become a gentle wind across water, coalescing into a heady mixture of equal moments of quietness and energy – a true equinox!
By midway, the sound is swirling in muscular currents and bright washes of light – in expressions of sound that cannot be described in words, only in a radiance of emotion to affect each listener in their particular flavour of feelgood. The same uplift as the simple joy of warm sun on your face, a fresh breeze, and a dramatic landscape stretching out to the horizon. Shut your eyes, experience without words the kaleidoscope of colours beneath your eyelids – these are Max Corbacho sounds made real.
As the music recedes in a gentle tide, as evening descends across this soundscape, the last 25 minutes leave the listener with an afterglow of fulfilment. Of carefree joy finally being granted. The streams and currents of sound pull back into mysterious realms. Until finally, we anticipate and then experience the return of absolute silence. And all is good with our world. A silence made so much more joyful by the extraordinary sound/vision from the creative source that is Max Corbacho.


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