FAR BEYOND THE IMMOBILE POINT / Phil Derby, Sequences Magazine

Far Beyond the Immobile Point


Phil Derby / Sequences Magazine

«Drawing on influences of the best of floating ambience, from Steve Roach to Robert Scott Thompson, Spaniard Max Corbacho places his own stamp on the genre with his second CD, a solid follow-up to his very good «Vestiges» CD. The tribal elements have been stripped away this time around, leaving a sparser, sometimes darker sonic landscape. From the high soft shimmers of «Primigenial Frontier» to the low rumblings of «Predawn Darkness,» the mood throughout is haunting and dramatic, yet serene and beautiful. «Predawn Darkness» in particular walks the tightrope between darkness and beauty quite admirably. Roach fans will at once think back to his epic, «The Magnificent Void.» The deep, low drones are first rate, and the feeling of expansiveness is palpable. «The Threshold» has a metallic character, almost but not quite shrill, with rich tonal qualities. An undercurrent of strange percolating noises really enhances the atmosphere. Not all is darkness and crevasses, however. «Invisible Jewell» has elegance and warmth, though it is still rooted firmly in ambient rather than new age realms. This is perfectly soothing, comparing favourably with Thompson’s excellent work, «The Silent Shore.» «The Great Sparkling Dome» is also a bit brighter in parts, but still tends toward minimal broad strokes of sound, becoming almost silent here and there. It is very calming and relaxing with just the right tinges of darkness. «Soundless Sign» is, as it implies, the quietest track, approaching soft stillness. Finally, the 20-minute title track wraps things up perfectly, slowly shifting and drifting to a sparkling, spacious conclusion.»

(2000 © Phil Derby / Sequences Magazine)

(2000 © Phil Derby / Sequences Magazine)


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