INDALO/ Phil Derby, Electroambient Space

Phil Derby / Electroambient Space

I only became aware of Bruno Sanfilippo this year, as he sent me a couple of his solo works, richly complex music that defies easy categorization as ambient, new age, or something else. On this release, he teams up with a familiar favorite, Max Corbacho. We get started right away with the centerpiece, the 20-minute “Indalo.” Bright feather-light metallic shimmers surround a strange swirling siren song. Melancholy strings meld into the mix, as does lightly shuffling percussion that gradually grows until it is front and center. Allowed to dominate briefly, the beat then fades entirely from view, leaving the smoothly spiraling drones in its wake. Birds add a nice touch at the end. Gently lapping waves mark the seamless transition to track two, a subtly shifting slice of ambience. In the running for my favorite ambient song title is “Lava Atmospheres,” an expansive piece with deep echoes and just the right degree of graininess and grit. Even more reverberant is “Cabo de Gata,” firmly in the realms of Steve Roach’s The Magnificent Void. I always gravitate toward Roach as a reference point when discussing Max’s work, and this collaboration with Bruno is no exception. But I never mean it as anything but a compliment. There is plenty of room for Roach and Corbacho in the genre, and Sanfilippo is certainly welcome too, given the fine results here.

© 2004 Phil Derby / Electroambient Space

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