BREATHSTREAM / Matt Howarth, Sonic Curiosity

Matt Howarth, Sonic Curiosity

This release from 2008 features 73 minutes of gentle ambience. Vibrant electronic textures are embellished by additional atmospherics to produce a lavish excursion into cerebral introspection.

Tonalities of rich definition and sparse substance flow with expansive deliberation, generating moods of rewarding depth. The tones are compelling despite their ethereal nature. Sustained chords swell and recede, approximating breathing and establishing cogent connections between the music and the listener’s lung capacity.

Amid this steadfast serenity, a series of sidereal sounds lend subtle garnishes, sprinkling the minimal tuneage with glittering augmentations, not unlike twinkling stars scattered throughout a majestic void. These auxiliary sonic decorations serve to provide a semblance of variation to the even temperament of the ambient foundation. The progression from track to track is seamless, crafted to maintain an uninterrupted stream of pacifying drones.

This music seeps into the flesh like a fine mist, spreading relaxation through the bloodstream and settling in the brain where its intended work truly commences with the suppression of external sensations, regulating body systems into a state which prospers psychic pursuits. The subject is left with their soul at easy access, while cognitive capacity remains undisturbed.

While basically devoid of complex melodic structure, these compositions thrive on their harmonic presence. Pulsations ebb and flow, generating a soothing milieu designed to eliminate external distractions and enhance meditative functions.

Corbacho is back again with a beautiful ambient album that express a deep sense of connection and unity.

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