Nocturnes III – review by PSYCHEDELIC VORTEX

The third part of the Nocturnes trilogy is published 3 years after the previous volume. However, Corbacho’s music matured again, and in this case it happened in a fundamental way. The first song on the album was created for 17 long years. Its origin dates back to the period of the Indalo album and since then it has been modified and reworked to the form we hear on Nocturnes III.
The last part of the trilogy again holds its pleasant patina of night walks and digging in nature, meditation under the majesty of the starry sky. The atmosphere of the album is again accompanied by beautiful photographs that the author took at night during his trips.

Anyone who has listened to two previous albums is rightly waiting for the spiritual and energetic continuity of the previous parts. We are re-immersed in the meditative space of the silence of the night, resting inside ourselves with the occasional accompaniment of cicadas and crickets. All the music again provides the warm majesty of the infinitely clear night sky and its noble stars. We are thrown into our Mother’s womb and what is it that we hear? A deep love of life and gratitude for all that God has given us is beautifully imprinted in a new album by the Spanish Grand Master of Spiritual Electronics. Put on your headphones and go out into the countryside in the late hours. And look up. You will be so carried away that you will not return. Your soul will stay there at least on some level. You will be literally rejuvenated when listening to Corbacho’s music. You will be more happy, you will live more. He can do this ambient.

Ambient music is not for everyone. It is a profound path of self-knowledge. It is very pleasant music, but the wounded soul often rejects it. I will allow myself personal advice. If listening to such music initially hurts you emotionally, listen more to your spiritual compass. You can come up with unsuspected starting points. This is ambient. This is a cure. Enjoy it in love.

Genre: Ambient music, space music, atmospheric ambient, drone, soundscapes.

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