The Talisman 2

The word talisman [from Arabic tilasm, from Late Greek telesma, from Greek telein: consecration ceremony, to consecrate, fulfil; from telos: result.] refers to a magical object which can give the bearer fortune, good luck and magical protection. In Jungian psychology, talisman is a word used to denote a pivotal or key symbol in a dream or myth which has considerable psychological meaning.

As an artist, I have been fascinated by the deep meaning which these objects have held for humanity since the darkest of times. Their connection with man´s deeper primordial dreads, fears, and desires form a map which defines some of the most complex aspects of the human psyche.

«The Talisman feels like awakening in an ever-evolving ocean of pure sonic bliss»

…tapped from Max Corbacho’s deepest sound-research, one of Spain’s finest soundpainters, here he represents his latest most exquisite release to date, ‘The Talisman’.

Working, studying, digging on this sacred project for quite some time, envelopping, constucting, growing into various forms, it finally has reached for the light. The title refers to the mysterious, sacred meaning of the amulette to those people who wearing it, believing in the fortunate, the spiritual them to happen.. only for those who truly believe, them will happen the incredibility ..

The Talisman is divided in 11 tracks stretching nearly over its 73 minute during soundexcursion. Ranging from 11 till 3 minute pieces, all full with miniature details and sonic twists. It took me some time to take a grab on this ever-morphing ocean of simmering fuzz. But once that gate is open, the discoveries within are endless.. and beyond. The Talisman is defined as Max’ most intriging, finest and deepest work to date.

From the opening track ‘Amnios’ we are slowly on spiralling -as you can feel the air starts to thicken- into other-worldly, dense atmospheric realms of stark expansiveness beauty and wonderful luminosity. There’s a constant flow, rising and ebbing, of deep intimicy and utter calmness. Vibrating tone zones where Max find it’s comfort and challenge at the same time, reflecting upon them. We move from the expanding & the majestic with rising and falling soundoceans ‘Reborn in Expansion’ to slowly blooming, beautiful pieces like ‘Connected Spirits’ & ‘Three Circles’ We can hear hints of distant angelic voices surrounded by sonorous synth pulses, floating in and out.. all nourishing from start till end. The soundscaping here is elegant, deep & sensitive.

We can feel that Max meditated carefully and deeply onto this project, and the results here are simply exceptional.. feel and hear, surrender yourself to the world of ‘The Talisman’.

(Stéphan Geschiere , independent reviewer, Holland)


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