Dreaming Spaces

Dear friends,
Thank you for the incredible reception of this album. Due to numerous requests and that excellent response from all of you, the CD version is now available in my Bandcamp store. Dedicated to all physical format enthusiasts (just like me). I hope you enjoy the album, and remember that the digital version is still available under the «Name your price» offer.

I am glad to present this work that emerged only a few weeks ago from my studio. I immediately thought that it would be a good offering for all my audience, a multi-space piece in the long-form format of a static and bright nature, perfect to celebrate the beginning of a new year. With this new piece, I share with you my wishes to a future with hope and serenity, a new era of transformation and possibility.
Thank you as always for your continued support, all the best for the new year that begins today,
Max Corbacho

Static soundscapes have always been part of Max’s work since his beginnings as an ambient artist more than two decades ago. Dreaming Spaces is a 73 min long reflection about the space where we live, balancing presence and stillness, exploring the weightless flow of sound in a serene multispace of imperceptible changes over time. The sound elements come and go just like a supernatural breeze. Max’s synthesizers create a deep game of an exotic and surreal sound perfume.
Max says: «I have completed this piece in the last weeks of November to share with all my followers on dates of a special sensitivity. I have not used any type of sample for this sound work. I always use some brushstroke coming from my samplers but in Dreaming Spaces everything comes in real time from my synthesizers, seasoned with the effect processors. That way I have maintained an intimacy in the sound landscape that gives it a special homogeneity and absolute immersion in the space of tranquility. «

Dreaming Spaces is a celebration of the static and the deep for the change of the year, a serene illumination in the middle of the shadows and a call to life and hope.

Limited edition of 200 copies. If you want your copy signed, please ask for it when placing your order.
All of Max Corbacho’s physical albums are factory-pressed Glass Master CD (real CD’s), unless noted.

Genre: Ambient music, space music, atmospheric ambient, drone, soundscapes.
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«Max, again you did a masterpiece of ambient soundwizardry! Listening to this piece feels like a teardrop of human existence melting within the endless ocean of sound. Disturbing and mindlifting at the same time…»

«Long-form magic by one of the undisputable Maestros of the deepest sonic meditations. With «Dreaming Spaces» we are entering voluminously immersing and intricately tenebrous zones, where spectacularly sinuous, colossally magmatic and gracefully expansive drone layers eternally commingle with myriad of blossomingly ascending tapestries, no matter if balmily ear-tickling, organically shimmering or dissonantly mind-bending. Breathtakingly epic transmutations await here, the ultimate masterwork!!!»

«Dreams here become dense and lucid.

«Imagine yourself set adrift in a cozy, imaginary place…a space of dreams or Dreaming Spaces. Your vision is lucid, flooded with wonder and packed with fantastical journeys, as if the unfolding of the universe is present before your very eyes.
This work is astounding!»

«Simply one of the most stunningly amazing albums I have ever heard Max has to be from another time dimension for sure.
Hear it and believe in it wonderful stuff.»

«A gift of mind expanding sound magic by one obviously in touch with the reality of infinite moments in present time. Truly original and a must for a unique listening experience.»

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