The Unfolding Dawn

The Unfolding Dawn. A new long-form album, created by Max Corbacho during the first days of confinement due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Faced with the confusion that has plagued the world these days, a real urge to go inward, to the depths, has filled the hours in Max’s studio with all these moments of silence and introspection. Serene yet powerful, this album is created with the sound palette of its synthesizers, delivering a warm and weightless sonic infusion of hope, temperance, and serenity.
This nearly 74-minute piece of music begins as an ethereal caress gently as the breeze, flowing in interconnected subtle wave passages like the light of dawn, deep and filled with the blessing of a new day. Composed of several interconnected sections in a set of subtle layers of chords and textures, it evolves in suspension in space and time, transporting the listener through different sound zones where sweetness and emotion are transmuted into a feeling of transcendence. A moment in eternity that is a deep look within us and our role in the reality of our world.
Immerse yourself at this moment as stillness surrenders its beauty to The Unfolding Dawn.

Composed, performed and produced by Max Corbacho during March – April 2020, Barcelona, Spain.
Max Corbacho: Sequencing, synthesizers, and atmospheres.

Original cover image by © David –
Digital image treatment by Max Corbacho. Layout by Max Corbacho.

released April 9, 2020

Genre: Ambient music, space music, atmospheric ambient, drone, soundscapes.
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«In all, a powerful statement of beauty and subtlety that makes for a soothing and immersive sonic experience.»
Peter Thelen / Exposé Magazine

«I have never been so deeply touched by music at first listen like now… Goose bumps… Aural balm fully reveals all its magic»
Richard Gürtler / Reviewer

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