LOST LINKS – review by Sonic Curiosity

Lost Links - Max Corbacho - Ambient MusicThis release from 2011 offers 67 minutes of delicate ambience.

Spanish synthesist Corbacho has been crafting ambient tuneage for a long time. With this CD he presents a collection of unreleased or forgotten tracks of merit.

A variety of delicate texturals are tempered by additional electronics, generating atmospheric tapestries of endearing fragility. This fragility mirrors man’s position in the cosmos, yet the subtle power invoked by these tunes celebrates mankind’s latent potential. In general, the vantage point of the composer is removed from the real world, creating auralscapes that herald the existence of deeper realities, realms that exist entirely in the mind or in conceptual perceptions of things the minds of men cannot fathom. Music like this is intended to grant the listener access to those realms; from there what occurs is up to the individual, for each introspective voyage is personal and the details cannot accurately be communicated to others.

The electronics are ethereal yet substantial in their subconscious effect. Relaxed tonalities are established and serve as foundations for equally tenuous sonic threads that embellish the minimalism into crystalline structures of inspired beauty.

While these tracks do not possess a thematic constant, their relaxed demeanor unifies them. Their flow is gentle and holistic, despite the soulless machinery utilized to create the music. This touch of humanity is a keynote characteristic of Corbacho’s work.

Review by Matt howarth/Sonic Curiosity

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