THE RESONANT / Stéphan Geschiere

Stéphan Geschiere, independent reviewer, Holland

«Wow, what a impressive release Max did! It was really worth waiting for. Knowing Max’s other well received releases ‘Vestiges’ and ‘Far beyond the Immobile Point’, this one is ‘even’ more overwhelming to me.. The 4 pieces takes you into new ‘enlightning’ places… The opening piece ‘Remote Sensing’ starts with long stretched breathing sounds and .. then after 10 minutes it changes into a some darker -incredible- powerfull space (but which is never forced). It sounds / feels like a approaching desert storm of an unknown

measure & power. I haven’t heard such an endearing sound in some time…wow..

After this giant storm we gather into a cristal-clear, serene and very silent out-stretched place. A place of loneliness as well as a place where a feeling of warmth embraced you. Quite ‘visceral’ to me! Remarkable, but while writing this review and hearing those pieces at

the same time, I realize how well the titles describe those ‘images’. ‘Magenta beauty’ has a similar feeling. I really like those metallic-like floating sounds. The final piece, continues the beautiful shimmering warm waves of sound with an excellent, entrancing rhythm-pattern, into -I wish- a never ending place… Definitely a ‘very’ inspired, oh so..subtle album which give each listen something new… Max’s travels to such -quiet- places as the African Sahara Desert, los Monegros in Aragon, province Lleida and Cap de Creus (which was also a inspiring / inviting place to Salvador Dali) in Catalonia brings him to new levels of psychically awareness, so to be heard. Highly recommended..

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