THE RESONANT / Phil Derby, Exposé Magazine

Phil Derby / Exposé Magazine

«’s loss is Tony Gerber’s gain. As musicians leave in droves following its restructuring in 2001, Gerber’s label is grabbing up a fair number of them. Gerber does a fair job of separating the wheat from the chaff with artists like Craig Padilla and Max Corbacho now in the fold.

Corbacho continues in the musical direction he forged on Vestiges and Far Beyond The Immobile Point, moving ever outward into the reaches of deep space music. Whereas Vestiges had some tribal elements, his next release was more expansive, and this CD continues that trend even further. Though technically four tracks, there is a continuous flow of 73 minutes of surreal soundscapes. Long slow synth pads, lush and thick, draw the listener in, with plenty of atmospheric touches and effects. «Remote Sensing» does nothing to dispel the notion that Corbacho is the «Spanish Steve Roach,» as this compares favorably with notable Roach works like The Dream Circle and The Magnificent Void.

Bright shimmering sounds meld with dark churning drones to great effect. The rich metallic character reaches its peak in «Magenta Beauty,» as the music conjures up vivid mental pictures. The 38-minute title track closes the disc out in dreamy style. The entire disc will send you into a deep reverie you

won’t soon want to leave.

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