The Resonant Memory of Earth

Originally released in 2002 year on the USA based Space For Music label, and after being critically acclaimed, this release is again for sale on CD, now in a 24 bit remastered edition.

«The resonant Memory of Earth», is a slow landscape of organic, waving, and mysterious atmospheres. Max Corbacho completes some ways begun in Vestiges, but of an absolutely atmospheric form. Across all four tracks that compose the album, Corbacho brings the listener to a new state of acoustic perception, inducing a state of semi drowsiness, increased by the down tempo, the sinuous movement of the mysterious sonorous currents and the subtle, fine harmonic architecture, ever mutating and regenerating.Soft coiling and morphing textures, heavy atmospheric textural music for a deep drift into the dimensions of space, time and place.

«I hope you all are appreciating this gem and masterpiece of ambient electronic space music. This is music rich in experience and expertly crafted.»
Eric Meece aka Eric Mystic

«There is a feeling of time having almost stopped, no need to rush, listen it slowly, like seeing each rock itself and what it has to offer.»
Marius-Christian Burcea, Host of «Journeys to the Infinite»

«The listener is able to feel suspended in sound, surrounded in all directions, afloat, immersed»
Morpheus Music & The Mall Magazine

«They all are absolute candy for the ears. In fact, this cd offers one vast drift of transparent, non-rhythmic soundscapes; these soft coiling and morphing textures are one continues drift into the outer regions, where mysterious undercurrents escort you along the way.»
Bert Strolemberg. Klem Magazine, Issue 116.

«The entire disc will send you into a deep reverie you won’t soon want to leave.»
Phil Derby / Exposé Magazine

Genre: Ambient music, space music, atmospheric ambient, drone, soundscapes.
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