The Delicate Essence of Solitude – review by Marius-Christian Burcea

«From the moment I pressed play, I was transported to a realm where time slows down and the mind finds solace in lucid repose. The music evokes a sense of solitude without feeling lonely. Instead, it celebrates the delicate moments of introspection, inviting listeners to embrace the beauty radiating from their own core. `The Delicate … Read more

The Delicate Essence of Solitude – review by Julian Boyce

Max Corbacho’s «The Delicate Essence of Solitude» is a mesmerising journey into the depths of ambient electronic music, showcasing the Spanish musician’s mastery of vast soundscapes and evocative storytelling through sound. Across six movements, Corbacho weaves a tapestry of drones, ranging from low rumbles to ethereal high frequencies, creating a sense of immense distance and … Read more

The Delicate Essence of Solitude – review by Honza Beneš

We have been waiting for the new Max Corbacho album as of a while now, and this hiatus has really raised the curiosity of many fans. The uncertainty has dissolved a few days ago when Max announced the release of the new album «The Delicate Essence of Solitude». Max Corbacho has always maintained a very … Read more

Atmospheric Twilight – review by Synthsequences

ATMOSPHERIC TWILIGHT is the 6th album of the always cosmic and dark ambient universe of Max Corbacho that I review. And I also listened to several of them without writing about those. So, the question arose whether I should review another of his albums that are conceived in the same comfort zone that the Spanish … Read more

Equinox – review by

A most gracious, gentle evolving sound world of repose and contemplation lies at the core of “Equinox”, a 74-minute textural extravaganza by Spanish ambient-master Max Corbacho. Max already announced the recording at the end of May 2022 as a sound distillation from an idea created in 2019 that had taken definitive form in recent months … Read more

Equinox – review by Julian Boyce

Equinox, the latest journey into pure audio-emotion from Max Corbacho, the revered electronic soundscape artist from Spain. Max has a history of sublime, expansive music, experienced as though the listener is walking through a cathedral of light. In fact, his big open-space, sound textures are a trademark; music synonymous with stepping between the pillars of … Read more

A Connection to the Wonder – review by Paul Rijkens

At the moment of writing is our country in a cold and dark time, cold because of the temperature and the many rain, dark because of the short days but also because of the lockdown. We can therefore some warmth and positivism to use. Max Corbacho offers us through his music. The one from Barcelona … Read more

A Connection to the Wonder – review by

The title of this album is well chosen as it’s an entrance into a magical world of expansive, serene textural vistas and alternate realities. An abundance of velvet, overtly smooth evolving tapestries is already on display on the 39-minute title track kicking things off, an intimate symphony transcending through time and space with various beautiful … Read more

Nocturnes III – review by Okultura

With this third album, Max Corbacho completed the trilogy, which he began publishing in 2017. Its creation was inspired by night photographs, which he created during his meditations in Aragon, in the north of Spain. The strange rock formations fascinated him with their bizarreness, even the hauntingness that stood out especially in the night shots. … Read more

Lost Links II – The Complete Collection – review by Sonicimmersion

In 2011, Max Corbacho released “Lost Links”, a set of atmospheric and space music tracks that were shelved although they were composed initially to fit on a concept album, compilation or project that fell through. Those tracks are now found on the second disc of “Lost Links II”, so for a description of those, I … Read more

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