SOURCE OF PRESENT – review by Richard Gürtler

The Spanish Maestro of deepest sonic meditations is back again with his latest aural cathedral entitled «Source Of Present». As a reviewer, even if it’s just my free time hobby and passion, I should maybe stay more objective, however, many of you might have known and it’s no secret that I have been always utterly … Read more


SOURCE OF PRESENT – review by Synth&Sequences

Aficionados of quiet and relaxing EM, at your wallets! Max Corbacho’s name was no stranger to me to have seen it on diverse compilations and on Ron Boots’ weekly E-news. If my eyes knew, my ears not! And very often I told myself; one day I got to try it. This day arrived when the … Read more

Source Of Present - Max Corbacho

SOURCE OF PRESENT – review by Morpheus Music

Drifting spacey ambient electronica.Source of Present is a assemblage of six silken, deeply-immersive ambient experiences. Like the pull of an enormous galactic ocean Max Corbacho’s compositions here heave and roll in tranquil immensity, waves and swells of sound shifting, rising, falling in multiple tides. Having the cover art in mind one can’t escape the association … Read more



Being a long time ambient fan myself I’ve reviewed quite a bit of music fitting the bill to slow down the mind and detach from busy modern life, offering a doorway to tranquil spheres for contemplation and introspection. The sphere paintings created by Spanish composer Max Corbacho in the last decade fit this category as … Read more

Arte Magnetica low

ARTE MAGNETICA – review by

  Extreme weather conditions have been a source of inspiration through the years for various ambient composers, just think of Robert Rich («Calling down the Sky») or Steve Roach («Slow Heat», «Storm Warning»). With «Arte Magnetica» Spanish sound sculptor Max Corbacho delivers his contribution to the subject painting an aural panorama of lush textural expansiveness … Read more

NOCTURNES – review by Otras Musicas Otros Mundos

  Tumbado en una hamaca al fresco, como hacemos los andaluces en vacaciones cuando llegan las tórridas noches de verano, pensaba cómo iba a describir este álbum mientras observaba el firmamento. Pasaba algún coche por la calle, supongo que ladraba un perro, imagino que alguna vecina tenía la televisión alta. Y aun así, en el … Read more

NOCTURNES – review by Paul Rijkens – iO Pages

  A nocturne is a musical composition based on the atmosphere of the night. The Irish composer John Field (1782-1837) was the first who wrote this kind of music and is known as the founder of the style. The Spanish ambient artist Max Corbacho steps in his footsteps. Photographs of the night inspired him for … Read more

NOCTURNES – review by Percorsi Musicali

  Between night reenactments and organic lifting. Playing exactly the «night» feeling is a very difficult maneuver in music. Unlike other arts such as literature, poetry or cinema, where the reference is precise and specified by the image projected by the text or the screen, there is a lack of equivalent neural transport in music. … Read more

NOCTURNES – review by

  The panoramic landscape photographs adorning Max Corbacho’s Nocturnes serve a purpose that goes beyond mere decoration. In this case, the images, captured by the artist himself, are intended to reflect the emotions he felt and the impressions gathered during many recent sessions of night photography; in his own words, «The most vivid memory of … Read more

NOCTURNES – review by Bert Strolenberg – Sonicimmersion

  «Nocturnes» (the debut release on Max’s own label Silentsun, created exclusively for his solo albums from now on) is the first episode of a trilogy with night landscapes as a theme. The long hours lived on many night-time excursions and capturing the places visited in great photos (see the albums nice cover art), inspired … Read more

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