Horizon Matrix by Max Corbacho

Horizon Matrix – review by Julian Boyce

Horizon Matrix – pattern disruptor (Corbacho, 2018, Boyce review #2) Familiar with the Mandelbrot Set? For those who are, they may discover remarkable similarities between this geometric construct and the music of modern Spanish composer Max Corbacho. I refer in particular to the compositions on his recent release Horizon Matrix (2018). It is a given … Read more

THE OCEAN INSIDE – Review by Ambient Visions

It is often the case that artists who are the most well-known or who have been around a genre of music the longest are the ones that everyone wants to review and I will be the first to admit that time sometimes constrains me as what I can listen to and review for Ambient Visions. … Read more

THE OCEAN INSIDE – Review by Paul Rijkens / iO Pages

  The Spanish musician Max Corbacho has grown into one of the absolute masters in ambient/spacemusic. His albums are like an ocean of peace and tranquillity. Well, oceans are the central concept on his double album The Ocean Inside. Max sees the mind as an ocean with constant changing waves. In his music he goes … Read more

THE TALISMAN – review by T. R. Boomer

Max Corbacho is the bomb when it comes to space music!, December 22, 2012 The music of Max Corbacho is high tech and very spacey. I found it both soothing and relaxing. If you do any kind of close work or deep introspection or just want a deeply relaxing set of music to listen too, … Read more

Lost Links - Max Corbacho - Ambient Music

LOST LINKS – review by headphonaught

Sensual and seductive. Two words that do not spring immediately to mind when seeking to describe an ambient release but ones that make sense… at least to me… when used to describe “lost links” by Max Corbacho from the Relaxed Machinery label. Before I explain… please indulge me in a wee story: I have a … Read more

Lost Links - Max Corbacho - Ambient Music

LOST LINKS – review by eTripper

A deeper trek into the grand vastness of eternity!   by eTripper «Lost Links» continues where «BreathStream» left off. It’s another grand inquiry into the great beyond. Where ambient-master Max Corbacho conducts you along on waves synthesized bliss, into realms only hereto speculated about. His newest offering delivers on all fronts, perhaps even topping «BreathStream». … Read more

Lost Links - Max Corbacho - Ambient Music

LOST LINKS – review by Chris Detjen

A Classic   by Chris Detjen “Lost Links” is a special collection of previously unreleased tracks that never made the cut for previous albums. I was hesitant buying this music as I assumed it had to be mediocre at best, otherwise why weren’t the songs released sooner? My assumption was dead wrong. Thank you to … Read more

Lost Links - Max Corbacho - Ambient Music

LOST LINKS – review by Sonic Curiosity

This release from 2011 offers 67 minutes of delicate ambience. Spanish synthesist Corbacho has been crafting ambient tuneage for a long time. With this CD he presents a collection of unreleased or forgotten tracks of merit. A variety of delicate texturals are tempered by additional electronics, generating atmospheric tapestries of endearing fragility. This fragility mirrors … Read more

Lost Links - Max Corbacho - Ambient Music

LOST LINKS – review by Alternative Matter

Ambient composer Max Corbacho describes Lost Links as a compilation of “deleted, unreleased, forgotten tracks” which were not included on previous albums. Despite the chronological and conceptual differences this implies, Lost Links portrays a uniform vision and the quality of the music betrays its origin as a collection of unused pieces. Corbacho’s music is, at … Read more

Lost Links - Max Corbacho - Ambient Music

LOST LINKS – review by Richard Gürtler

Spanish Maestro of deep tranquil soundscapes returns with a very nice collection of, as mentioned on the booklet, deleted, unreleased and forgotten tracks on ambitious US label Relaxed Machinery. Really nice effort, because Max Corbacho belongs undoubtedly to the most respected and potential European ambient composers and certainly it would be a pity not to … Read more

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