Echo Of Longing - Max Corbacho

Echo of Longing – review by Peter Thelen, Exposé

Offering a powerful sense of otherworldly ambient drift, Max Corbacho’s latest Echo of Longing was created over a four year period from 2015 to 2019, released near the end of last year. The 70-plus minute album contains only three extended tracks that will guide the listener into deep space ambient realms, through the fog, the … Read more

Nocturnes III – review by PSYCHEDELIC VORTEX

The third part of the Nocturnes trilogy is published 3 years after the previous volume. However, Corbacho’s music matured again, and in this case it happened in a fundamental way. The first song on the album was created for 17 long years. Its origin dates back to the period of the Indalo album and since … Read more

The Unfolding Dawn - Max Corbacho

The Unfolding Dawn – review by Peter Thelen, Exposé.

It’s a strange new world these days, hopefully only a temporary disturbance in life’s continuum, but a disturbance nonetheless, causing artists to look inward for hope and spiritual relief. Corbacho recorded this long form piece in the early weeks of the Covid-19 pandemic from march to April 2020 at his studio in Barcelona, Spain, a … Read more

Dreaming Spaces – review by

Max Corbacho is a Spanish musician, currently known for his interpretation of ambient spherical music, in which he uses both analog and digital synthesizers and sequencers. He studied guitar and then worked as a guitarist in various local rock bands. He was influenced by Vangelis, Tangerine Dream, Eno, Roach, Rich and others. He released his … Read more

Echo Of Longing - Max Corbacho

Echo of Longing – review by

Max Corbacho: Echo Of Longing CD, Max Corbacho, 2019 We already know from another review that Max Corbacho is a Spanish musician living in Barcelona who composes and interprets atmospheric, ambient music for sequencers and analog and digital synthesizers. Anyone who knows anything about these instruments knows that they are constantly improving and maybe that … Read more

Dreaming Spaces – review by Richard Gürtler

Max Corbacho «Dreaming Spaces» CD Long form magic by one of the undisputable Maestros of the deepest sonic meditations!!! With «Dreaming Spaces» we are entering voluminously immersing and intricately tenebrous zones, where spectacularly sinuous, colossally magmatic and gracefully expansive drone layers eternally commingle with myriad of blossomingly ascending tapestries, no matter if balmily ear-tickling, organically … Read more

Echo Of Longing - Max Corbacho

Echo of Longing – review by

Majestic, in-depth and beckoning soundworlds keep coming from Barcelona-based ambient-master Max Corbacho. The 73-minute “Echo of Longing” is another example of his great talent featuring three long tracks that immerse and embrace the listener into a myriad of introspective soundwaves of pastel-coloured splendour in just a few minutes. Their grand expanse of cyclic, slow morphing … Read more

Echo Of Longing - Max Corbacho

Echo of Longing – review by Synthsequences

The void, the space and the galaxies! The ambient music of Max Corbacho revolves around these three axes. ECHO OF LONGING is no different from the last 3 opus that the Spanish musician made me discover since Source of Present in 2017. The album, offered in CD manufactured and in download, offers 3 long rivers … Read more

Echo Of Longing - Max Corbacho

Echo of Longing – review by Tim Humphrey

Spanish producer Max Corbacho has been creating atmospheric ambient music for over 20 years now and his newest ‘Echo and Longing’, just might be his most out of this world creation yet. The title song welcomes you to the beginning of an unknown and other-worldly vast space. A cavernous space that is as majestic as … Read more

Horizon Matrix by Max Corbacho

Horizon Matrix – review by Julian Boyce

Horizon Matrix – pattern disruptor (Corbacho, 2018, Boyce review #2) Familiar with the Mandelbrot Set? For those who are, they may discover remarkable similarities between this geometric construct and the music of modern Spanish composer Max Corbacho. I refer in particular to the compositions on his recent release Horizon Matrix (2018). It is a given … Read more

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