FUTURE TERRAIN – Review by Richard Gürtler

One of my dreams came true!!! Yeah, definitely as this long-form piece was originally released during the spring of 2015 as a digital download only, in shorter 58-minute version. As far I remember, it was just before «Splendid Labyrinths» CD was officially introduced. «Future Terrain» has immediately received a lot of positive feedbacks from many … Read more

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SPLENDID LABYRINTHS – Review by Paul Rijkens, iO Pages

 SPLENDID LABYRINTHS – Max Corbachomaxcorbacho.com I am a fan of the music of Spanish musician Max Corbacho. In these times of hurry, bustle and nervousness, there are fortunately still artists who can make a contribution to a little relaxation. In 1998 his first cd Vestiges appeared. On this he sounded a bit like a descendant … Read more


FUTURE TERRAIN – Review by Paul Rijkens, iO Pages

 FUTURE TERRAIN –  Max Corbacho  (GS PRODUCTIONS)   I have described Max Corbacho’s music as an ocean of calmness. The music of the Spanish composer and electronic musician is excellent suitable for seeking and finding tranquillity. Corbacho says Future Terrain is a remote sci-fi futuristic landscape. I can only agree with that. He created the music … Read more

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SPLENDID LABYRINTHS – Review by eTripper

Always primal, universal, and profound!  Max Corbacho creates a wall of sonorous sound, that transports the ‘listerner’ through aural corridors, where ease abides, and no mythical ‘Minotaur’ lurks within the corridors to crash the party. Corbacho’s lastest effort is simply entitled: «Splendid Labyrinths» it delivers on all fronts, as one would expect from a an … Read more

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Em 2012, Max lançava «The Ocean Inside» (ouça aqui), que iria se tornar meu companheiro desde então até os dias de hoje. Nele, o atravessamento percorre com excelência a simbiose entre som e visão; as sonoridades verdadeiramente criavam imagens. Era um «exame» do oceano interno que as pessoas carregam; como ele é afetado pelas interferências … Read more

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SPLENDID LABYRINTHS – Review by Dreamfolk.blogspot

El nuevo trabajo de Max Corbacho es uno de esos discos que van desplegándose a medida que los vuelves a escuchar una y otra vez, revelando su profundidad poco a poco, de manera que un buen día te encuentras sumergido en sus paisajes sonoros con una sensación difícil de definir, como si las piezas empezaran a encajar, … Read more

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SPLENDID LABYRINTHS – Review by Ondarock.it

Per la prima volta fuori dal catalogo della sua ad21 – etichetta condivisa con Bruno Sanfilippo– Max Corbacho torna ad incidere un disco a ben tre anni dal capolavoro “The Ocean Inside”. Un lavoro che segna un cambio di prospettiva di una certa importanza nella carriera dell’artista spagnolo, forse il più abile e talentuoso fra gli esponenti dell’ultima … Read more

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SPLENDID LABYRINTHS – Review by Textura.org

Since the release of his debut album Vestiges in 1998, Max Corbacho has worked towards progressively refining an electronic music style that’s been described as ‘Ambient Atmospheric – Space Music.’ That he has close ties to Bruno Sanfilippo, with whom he established the ad21 label and collaborated on two albums (2003’s Indalo, 2012’s Bioma), also says much about the … Read more

Splendid Labyrinths – Now Shipping

Dear friends, Splendid Labyrinths is in-stock and shipping now!. Thank you very much for the flood of pre-orders! Your direct support is vital for the survival of independent artists. Thanks! To my customers in USA: During this week we have adjusted to the limit the shipping costs, you can check it now. Remember, Splendid Labyrinths is released as CD and … Read more

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SPLENDID LABYRINTHS – Review by Caerdroiandream

It’s been nearly two and a half years since Max Corbacho released his last album, The Ocean Inside, which was an epic two and a half hour journey through monumental soundscapes and gorgeous atmospheres, the entire album an ambient masterpiece, concluding with the hauntingly beautiful Deeper Into the Ocean, a song I wished would never … Read more

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